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With deadlines looming, designs changing last minute and project teams stretched, an experienced consultant can hit the ground running and provide the additional knowledge, bandwidth and skills to drive your project forward.

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Onboarding an expert can be the fastest way to solve snags or grow a team’s capacity in a complex project. Work with one whose experience goes both broad and deep. Gim Crew formed Crew Universal to enable companies to tap her expertise honed through decades of working on high priority, complex projects for the world's top data center and biotech companies.

Knowing the what, when and how of complex expansions takes practical experience


Gim grew up in Malaysia, pursued her Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manchester and later returned to the United Kingdom, as a Chevening Scholar, to complete her Master in Medical Electronics and Physics at the University of London. 

After completing her Bachelors, Gim was recruited to the Singapore Economic Development Board where she advanced the establishment of manufacturing and business operations of companies from the United States, Europe, and Japan in Singapore.

She then worked in Malaysia on multiple large civil engineering flood control and water supply projects.

Her move to the United States in 2005, also marked her first entry into life science facilities projects. Since then, she has worked on hundreds of thousands of square feet of labs, drug manufacturing and offices for a variety of biotechs such as Gilead, Zymergen, PDL BioPharma (now AbbVie) and Impax.

While at German engineering and construction firm, M+W Zander (now Exyte) she started working with tech giants Microsoft and Google on data center site selection, design and construction. She later went on to join Google and build out a variety of data centers from the hyperscale 900+ acre site in Council Bluffs, IA, to edge scale Google Cloud data centers across the globe.


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But it's not all about processes working well — it's about working well with people

Having lived and worked in Asia, Europe and the Americas, Gim has developed a global professional network and deep understanding of what it takes to run projects across borders. She knows how business is done, how everyday life is lived, and how to connect with the people on the ground who will be designing and constructing your facilities.


Not only has Gim worked on a varied set of projects, she has also worked on the Project Owner side, Engineering firm side, Construction company side and in Government. She thus has a unique understanding of the various project stakeholder perspectives and is able to use these experiences to inform and improve project team dynamics.

What working with Gim is like

“Always prepared and very knowledgeable.”

“Gim headed the effort in the pre-design and on-boarding of the A/E firms for a few of our largest projects — from preparing RFP to document review. Always prepared and very knowledgeable about the biotech setting, her expertise was crucial to the execution of the design process. In addition, she was always available to answer any correspondents, finding time to give guidance to our team, and even sharing lessons learnt that we could benefit from. I will look forward to any future collaboration with her.”

Steven Chien

Senior Design Program Management at Zymergen

“Great sense of humour and a personality that cared for her team and the vendors we worked with”

“From the moment I met Gim, I knew she was a very competent, efficient and experienced Program Manager. I had the pleasure of working with Gim for several years on global data center delivery programs at Google. I was particularly impressed by Gim’s ability to be extremely organized, her ability to absorb complex business goals quickly, translate them into project briefs and manage project teams to deliver successfully. She did all that with a great sense of humour and a personality that cared for her team and the vendors we worked with. I really enjoyed working with her. Your project is in safe hands with Gim.”

Denise Breen

Program Manager at Amazon Web Services

“Creates an environment of trust”

“Gim is one of the most organized, methodical project managers I know! She has a calm demeanor that puts everyone at ease and creates an environment of trust. Gim always brings her A-game and provides leadership on challenging projects.”

Susan Eschweiler

Principal at DES Architects + Engineers

“Made possible for all the parties involved to function at their best”

“I had the pleasure of working with Gim, collaborating on several of the biggest and most complex projects. Her ability to handle multitudes of invested parties was exceptional and made possible for all the parties involved to function at their best. There were many tense meetings dealing with diverse challenges and deadlines, but Gim made sure everyone remained focused and productive.”

Tejoon Jung

Global Director, Architecture Design at Jacobs

“Firm but fair”

“As a person who has been in the data center construction and fit-out industry for over 30 years, the key attributes you hope for in the Client Representative/Project Manager are forethought, in-depth knowledge, decisiveness, articulation of clear instructions and being firm but fair. Gim is all of those things, plus more. Gim's ability to manage many projects and make each builder feel they have her undivided attention makes working with her a pleasure. Gim easily commanded the respect of all my team.”

John Palfreyman

Director at Macquarie Data Centers

“A total driver of positive outcomes”

“Gim is fantastic - a total driver of positive outcomes in a creative way. She communicates wonderfully across wide platforms and gives appropriate guidance to team members at the right time. Gim also is very proficient at aligning a specific task to the overall mission, which I have seen produce some great results.”

Scott Jones

Vice President at Jacobs

“An asset to multiple project teams

“It's a privilege knowing and working with Gim in multiple data center projects. Gim is a highly competent practitioner in data center site selection and site development. She is professional, collaborative and an asset to multiple project teams.”

Leong Poh

Cloud Infrastructure and Business Development at Confidential Fortune 50 Company

“Ability to see the "big picture" as well as dive into the details

“Gim is a pleasure to work with on projects. She has the ability to see the big picture as well as dive into the details. I have always been impressed by her abilities to organize people and project work, build relationships with those around her and deliver successful projects.”

Tim Gruman

Senior Project Manager at DES Architects + Engineers

“Even small details were not missed

“Gim is a very knowledgeable engineer; works well in extremely stressful, fast-paced and changing environments. She managed a $100 million construction project for a 950,000 sq ft  facility and even small details were not missed. New laboratories and office areas are state-of-the-art. Thank you Gim from EH&S group!”

Yan Goldin

Senior EH&S Manager at PDL BioPharma

“A joy to work with”

“Gim is an exceptional engineer — knowledgeable, innovative, detail-oriented and a joy to work with. Gim is a Gem.”

Greg Stickrod

Regulatory Analyst at PDL BioPharma

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