How to Find Local Boots on the Ground for Your Remote Project

August 12, 2020

Running a capital project from afar adds another layer of complexity to project planning and execution. Incorporating a hyperlocal resource early in a project, will improve design localization and bring the added benefits of local knowledge and relationships to the project.

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“That”​ UV Robot and Other Ways to Apply UV Disinfection in Your Facilities

July 22, 2020

In the era of Covid-19, building managers are looking to UV disinfection as one of the measures to enable return of the workforce. Here we explore the variety of applications from mobile light towers to built in fixtures that can be employed.

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How Covid-19 Disruptions Are Impacting Capital Project Schedules

July 1, 2020

In project management, disruptions to the project schedule come with the territory and a good plan typically has buffers and reserve resources to mitigate delays. However, the extent of disruption from the Covid-19 pandemic and its ensuing implications are beyond what one would reasonably consider when scenario planning.  As a result, project managers are busy…

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