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It all starts with a plan.

Laying down the groundwork for your entire project upfront is key to preventing delays and missed deadlines. Crew Universal provides guidance for your team to design a plan that ensures your project runs smoothly.

Crew Universal guides you through the definition, planning, and execution of your capital expansion project.

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I. Definition phase

Know what your project will look like before it even starts. We will work with you to pinpoint the scope and details of your project. This can include:

Developing project parameters

Portfolio wide capacity review & management

Rough Order of Magnitude project costs

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II. Planning phase

Go in with a game plan. We will help you eliminate stalls and wasted time by planning out your project step by step. This can include:

Building the project delivery team

Developing the Owner-side schedule

AE, contractor, and major supplier bidding

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III. Design & construction phase

Feel supported throughout the entire project timeline. We will stay on board to advise you right until the end of your capex project. This can include:

Team coaching and development

Design and construction process development

Analyzing project issues and developing solutions

Capital Expansion Case Studies

See our results in action

Start your project off strong

Case Study: Zymergen Inc.

Zymergen Inc. is a fast growing start up in the field of machine learning, automation, and genomics.

Faced with the need to expand their headcount, lab, manufacturing, and office spaces simultaneously, Zymergen didn’t have the internal processes and structures in place to succeed.

Gim Crew worked with Zymergen to develop tools and processes to support their incoming team members, all while helping in the definition, site evaluation, and planning for their new campus. She also developed the RFP and ran the bids for various design scopes of work. As their team expanded, Gim facilitated the onboarding of new team members to the project, ensuring that they were up to speed on their roles.

Zymergen was able to seamlessly onboard their new personnel, as they expanded their facilities. They were left with the processes in place to handle their next expansion internally.

Get your project back on track

Case Study: Biotech

A San Francisco Bay Area personalized immunotherapy biotech company.

Three months after the general contractor had handed over space, the company kept failing key tests. They were not able to pass performance qualifications on their soon to be GMP clean room, and were losing revenue by the day.

Gim was called in to assess and resolve the issues so they could get their drug manufacturing back on track. She went back and traced the entire project, through planning, design, and construction to determine the flaw. Within a month, Gim had found an issue with the room air flows and had applied a solution.

The company was able to pass their test and begin drug production in their new facility.

Handle more unknowns

Case Study: Google


Google set out to build their first Cloud data center in India. While they already had offices, there was no technical infrastructure in place. They were also faced with building in a country where they had no existing relationships with design and contracting resources.

Gim Crew was responsible for the design and construction of the data center. Because Google was expanding into a new country, she had to work closely with local professionals to establish relationships. She also had to build the project delivery infrastructure to ensure that contracts could be made across various borders, entities were in place to pay invoices, and that country specific regulations were met.

They were able to simultaneously build infrastructure for cloud services, not just in India, but across multiple countries. This allowed them to rapidly deploy new Cloud regions globally.

Facing your capital expansion head on starts with a consultation.